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Lost VM connection?

One issue I’ve had recently is random drops between client and ESX vSphere server VM’s.    On inspection the ARP table was dropping the MAC of the client (strangely on that MAC, the other VMs and other network neighbours are fine??)

Quick fix :

netsh interface ipv4 add neighbors 
"Local Area Connection" <client ip> <mac address of client with dashes>

Complete fix :


Now time will tell if this is a complete fix, but it seems that my OSX machine clients ARP address was getting ‘lost’ on the way through the router !?!  It took some tcpdump/Wireshark snooping on both sides to see the VM’s were legitimately asking ‘Who is <IP>?”  but no-one was answering.    The router in question is a Netgear W-150.  I shall have to keep my eye on it…


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