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Restore a Bare Metal backup to a Hyper-V VM

Recently I had the need to recover an old backup where the original hardware was long since gone. Using Hyper-V I booted off the recovery disk and pointed at the bare metal set and went off for a very long walk as the restore did it’s thing.

After rebooting into the restored disk I was presented with the woeful sight of a blue screen with the infamous 0x0000007B STOP…

Without too much introduction, here was the fix…

– Selected Command Prompt from the recovery disk.
– With regedit regedit load the hive for HKLM
– Select the file C:\Windows\System32\Config\SYSTEM
– Change Intelide/Start from 4 to 0
and change Pcide/Start from 0 to 3 in CurrentControlSet/services

Essentially, the drive controllers are still looking for the physical hardware equivalents. These settings point them at the VM versions.

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