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ABA file generator, for Payroll etc

A worksheet that you can paste into to generates a text file for you to upload to the bank.. Simple

There is no time limit, no restriction on usage and does not require licence codes or extra files.


$79.99 – Purchase Unlimited Version Includes 10% tax

Trial version is limited to a small number of payees (3) but is otherwise fully functional

More about the ABA File

An ABA file (also known as DE (Direct Entry), BECS or Cemtext) is a file format that is used by banks to consume details for bulk transfers (different amounts to different accounts). This is primarily used by banking customers for payroll but also for inter-bank orders.

This tool to generate ABA files is a straightforward Excel spreadsheet. Fill in the account details and 1 button later an ABA file pops out.

Please download the trial and if for any reason the trial doesn’t quite meet your needs, let me know in the comments below

123 Responses

  1. Can I please get this Excel ABA generator? The closest I can find is that CEMTEX ABA generator which is too expensive.


    • Added link in the post to a free ABA generator. Let me know if it meets your needs! πŸ™‚ Any questions, just ask

  2. Would be interested in what you have.
    We need to convert csv file into ABA for banking purposes.


    • Added link in the post to a free ABA generator. Let me know if it meets your needs! πŸ™‚ Any questions, just ask

  3. I would be interested in this. Can someone please contact me or send me file.

    • Added link in the post to a free ABA generator. Let me know if it meets your needs! πŸ™‚ Any questions, just ask

  4. I would like to take info from excel to aba as well, please email me. Thx, Jean

    • Added link in the post to a free ABA generator. Let me know if it meets your needs! πŸ™‚ Any questions, just ask

  5. I also need to convert an excel document into an aba file. I have 42 payees though, the converter above only allows 10 payees.

  6. Is there any possibility of a try before you buy? We just want to be sure this tool works as we would expect.
    David McLean
    Mobile: 0404 003 091

  7. Can you please send me the link for the .aba generator? Sorry couldn’t find the link in the post.. Thanks in advance.

  8. G’Day Paul, Any chance I can get the unlimited version for .aba generator? Happy to pay the upfront cost as you mentioned above. In the meantime, can you send me the link to try the trail version please. My team is spending a lot of time in doing all those data entries. Please reply ASAP.

  9. Is the 50% still available?

    • Yes! BULKPAYS50 still valid through september!!

      • You are absolutely correct, the trial version has the description coded in. The full version is editable, however if you want to stick with the trial you can always try editing the generated file manually. Do note there is a twelve character limit imposed by the file format itself. Also note that some institutions don’t use this field, i.e. the payments will not have this text anywhere.

        Hope that helps

      • Thanks Paul. have paid with paypal (gst was messed up). How do I get the program? Larry

  10. Just a question, isn’t an ABA file supposed to have a .aba file extension? Whereas the file that is generated by this excel spread sheet has a .txt file extension. Can you please clarify this for me. Thanks

    • The file format is the ABA but the extension is .txt to make it easier to open to view (for instance with notepad) since .ABA isn’t an official file name extension (no applications open it as a bank file). If your financial institution requires a .aba name feel free to rename the file. Hope that helps!

  11. Hi Paul, I’d like to get a copy of the Excel ABA generator please!

  12. Hi Paul,

    Do you have any tool to convert .aba file to .csv file?


    • Hi Emad, I must admit I’ve seen anyone require such a tool. Only ever required to take csv (or any table structured data) and make it into a format for consumption by a financial institution. If there is a specific need, let me know and we’ll sort something out.

  13. Hi Paul,

    When trialing this ABA generator I am asked for a password. Can you advise what I should enter?

    Also what is the “extra” column for?

    • Hi Fiona, the only area that requires a password is if you are trying to read the source code behind it πŸ˜‰

      The ‘extra’ column is a simple convenience, suppose you are paying a large batch and you’ve just copy and pasted dozens of entries from an accounting program etc, the extra column allows you make adjustments before creating the ABA file, overtime, expense reimbursement, whatever you like really.

  14. Hahahaha yes I’m not a tech head obviously!:P

    So I’m trying to see what the aba file looks like once it is generated. When looking at the trial all I get is the excel spreadsheet with the details I need to enter. I want to see how I get from there to the generated file. I saw the button “generate aba” hence double clicked this thinking that’s what I would get but ended up in the password area!

    Sorry if I’m dumb but think this would really help us just need a little more direction in using it!’

    Understand the “extra” column good idea!

    • Not a problem, what your seeing is Excel trying to show you the code behind the button (aka ‘The Magic’). Its likely Excel is in ‘Design Mode’, check if you have a ‘Developer’ tab across the top, if it has design mode selected, unselect that (the button should be discoloured). This will let you ‘use’ the button instead of trying to ‘design’ it.

      The ‘Generate ABA’ button just requires a single click after that and the path to the generated file should be displayed in a message box for you to have a look at.

      Let me know how you go!

  15. Thank you! The Design mode was the problem! Now this worked!But….

    When importing to the bank I get the following error message:
    line 3: DE Record Type 7. Incorrect format/value for BSB ’99-9999′ should be ‘999-999’
    I notice when I enter our BSB (it starts with zero) the cell only shows the last 5 digits.

    Then I also get the error “can’t be automatically balanced”. I’m thinking this is because of the BSB error and the debit account can’t be imported correctly….

    Thanks for your patience!

    • Hi Fiona,

      The issue you seeing is a known limitation of the trial version, a handful of banks enforce an a requirement for a self-balancing line, essentially a separate entry in the generated file which performs a single double-entry type balance. This at the moment is only available in the full version. If you still want to test a generated ABA file that the full version produces before purchasing, I’ve emailed you directly with my contact details.

  16. Hi Paul
    I was hoping to use this generator for Direct Debits (taking funds from accounts-with permission of course); however, if I put a negative number in that line does not appear in the ABA file. Do you have a generator for Direct Debits or could one be modified please? Also, there is the reference “Payroll” in the ABA file and I can’t find any reference in the generator, is it hard coded please. I am very keen to purchase a generator, but I need to prove to my Exec it will satisfy our needs.
    Many thanks and regards

    • Hi Scott,

      You are correct that the trial has some elements (such as Payroll title) baked in but are editable in the full version. Regarding the direct debits I’ve not needed that functionality up until now but I’d be happy to look into it for you. I’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Cheers, Paul

    • I’ve sent you an email regarding work in progress for direct debits. Speak to you soon, Paul

  17. Hi Paul
    With the full version is the description editable for each payee/debit, so if we have 15 transactions, we can add a different narration for each transaction or is the description global for each file?
    Thanks Phil

    • Hi Phil, great to hear from you. The bank format only allows for a single description as the description defines the ‘batch’. However, each transaction can have it’s own ‘reference’ which is the line that appears in the payees bank statement. If the individual line reference is empty, the global reference is used. Generally speaking most people use the global reference, then override it for specific instances.

      Let me know if you have any more questions



  18. Hi Paul

    Thanks, that’ll work OK. Where does the individual transaction reference go, it doesn’t show in the trial version, I presume it shows in the paid for version? When entering details of entities such as Companies or Trusts, I presume the name just goes in the Account Name box and the Given and Surname fields are left blank?



    • Hi Phil. I’ve taken some time to bring the trial version in line with the full. Feel free to download the latest trial version again and have a play to see if this fits with your needs.

      Shout out if you have any further questions πŸ˜€

  19. Hi Paul,

    I run a Mac and am on Excel 2011 for mac – I’ve downloaded the trial version but can’t get it work. I’m happy to pay for the full version but keen to know that I can get it to work on a mac.

    Cheers Rob

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for trying it on the Mac, up till now I’ve had no interest in a OSX version so I’ve begun work on that and will be in touch shortly.



      • Hi Rob, thanks for the help getting the OSX version up and running! Hope you’re well!

        • Hi Paul,

          Sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve been using the generator on OSX now for 4 weeks and its working a dream. I’ve got it linked to excel outputs from our accounting software and with vlookups driving the BSB/Account numbers I’ve reduced my weekly work load significantly not to mention reducing risk of a manual error from rekeying.

          Thanks again for making the changes and getting an OSX version up and running. For anyone considering the ABA Generator I can’t recommend it enough. Cheers Rob

          • Appreciate the kind words Rob. Great to hear, feel free to spread the word πŸ˜‰
            Take care,

  20. Hi,

    I have downloaded the demo version and it seems to fit our needs, but i was wondering is there a way to each payment show up as a indivdaul payment instead of one total in our bank account for the batch?

    • Hi John,

      From your comment I think what you are looking for is actually multiple batches of single payments. It may be possible to create a single ABA file with multiple batch statements all with a single payment in, or worst case multiple ABA files each with a single payment. This can of course be done manually, or if you are sure this is something you need we can look at a customised version for you?



    • Hi John, just touching base. Do you need a specialised version or is the standard version suitable?

      • Hi Paul,

        I would like to see how it would work. Because i need to have all the payment made should up in our bank account as separate entries and not as one bulk entry. But i would like to use a spreadsheet where the staff can enter the payments and then the system would generate the other entry. I hope you understand

  21. Hi Paul,

    Thankyou so much….I had 1 client purchase 2 days ago for Direct Debits (taking funds) and I am purchasing tomorrow for the more common payroll aba. Client loved program! I love program. So easy to use. Saved both of us a heap of time.
    Regards, Gillian

  22. Hi Paul, we currently do not run the current version of excel (we are running 2003), would we have to upgrade to be able to use the software properly? Needless to say, the trial version did not work.

    Also, will the spread sheet be able to remember the details of particular payees? If we only made a payment once per year, will the software remember the details or do we need to copy and paste the relevant names and EFT details every year?

    • This version relies on table (listobject) functionality brought in by Excel 2010. It’s possible to create a version from scratch for 2003 but it would be clunky and fragile to use as a lightweight tool.

      This spreadsheet isn’t designed to replace any database or accounting software, but to expediate the creation of an ABA for a batch of payments. However, as it is Excel, it will store the last batch you entered if you save it. In effect if you always have the same details there is no problem.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

  23. Hi Paul,

    Just wanted to know what are the features which one will get in the unlimited version and are not there in the trial version except the limit for 3 payee.


    • Currently, apart from the 3 payee limit they are identical. The Pro version is normally first to get new features etc, but they trickle down to the trial version. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  24. hi
    does the trial program work now for taking money from accounts?
    Have tried Entry Type as debit and credit but the aba file is the same and so gives the money to the a/cs instead of taking.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for taking the time to try out the program. Simply entering a negative number should create an a debit entry. The Debit/Credit column simply denotes the type of entry based on the value.

      So just pop a minus in front of the value and recreate the ABA. Let me know how you go.



  25. Hi Paul,

    Just tried the trial version (2nd time), expecting it would work with Mac 2011 however when I opened the file, a pop-up appeared with which I enabled macros BUT then it would only allow me to open in ‘Read-Only’ mode in which the macros are disabled.

    Am I doing something wrong or is the trial version Win only?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi there. First thing to ask is did you open the zip and then save the workbook to disk before running it? If you run it from inside the zip file you won’t be able to write to it. This is the case for any archived file. Can you make sure the zip file is ‘unpacked’ or ‘extracted’ to disk first and let me know how you go.

  26. hi

    just checking that the full version is allowing direct debits now.

    also, do you have any help files or tutorials as to how to use vlookup for filling up amounts etc from an external source.

    • Hi Rajeev, I hope your purchase is proving useful!

      Regarding help files and tutorials, I don’t as rule since that kind of generic information is available already from much prettier sources than myself πŸ™‚ However, if there is a specific task or requirement you’d like me to take a look at or provide guidance on any related topic feel free to ask

  27. Hi Paul,

    I am having difficulties downloading the trail can you please email it to me so I can test your product.

  28. Sorry for the ignorance but what is the difference between the 2 versions? This program seems to be exactly what I am looking for!

    • Hi. There are two full versions. One which works on the windows platform and one for the Mac (Excel 2011). Functionally they are identical, internally they differ slightly on handling disk access and writing the ABA file.

      At some point in the future there will be a unified one which works on both platforms.

      Let me know if you any other questions πŸ™‚


  29. Dear Paul

    After reading all the posts i now realise the OSX version is for the MAC (sorry for the inconvenience). However on another note after reading through all the posts i am a little confused if the program is what i am looking for. I have “purchased” the free trial, just waiting for the e-mail. I am currently paying our accounts payable’s by cheque and would like to start paying them via EFT. Does the full program allow for multiple payees and multiple amounts split out on the bank statement? Hopefully this makes sense. For audit purposes i cannot have a bulk entry for multiple payees. Our bank’s aba uploading functionality has a tick box for ‘post as total’, if this is unchecked will this help with the ‘bulk’ amount total problem. Sorry for the long winded post. Many Thanks.

    • Hello again.

      Hopefully you’ve received the download link now and had a look at the trial. Each line in the sheet equates to a single payment to a different payee. Originally for payroll etc, there is nothing to stop you having multiple lines with different amounts to the same payee with the same bank details. Each line should be treated as a separate transaction by your bank, but that is dependent on how your bank processes the ABA file.

      Have a play with the trial and let me know how you go πŸ™‚



  30. Dear Paul

    Have been playing! Have to go and pick up children now and will play some more tonight – it is a fantastic little program you have created! One quick question, are PBay details able to be used? or is this a totally separate concept? Thanks again!

  31. Dear Paul

    I have had a few hours play with the excel spreadsheet and was wondering if you could please e-mail me your contact details as i would love to be able to add a couple of extra features. Also, i meant BPAY in last post πŸ™‚

    Many Thanks.

  32. Dear Paul

    I am currently typing out an e-mail to you however our e-mails have been playing up of late(techs are currently working on the problem) so if you could please let me know if you receive the e-mail by this site that would be fantastic! πŸ™‚

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  33. Hi Paul,

    I tried to create an ABA file with the trial version however the Account Names just appear as a ‘.’ in the ABA file no matter what value that was put in. I tried both General and Text format but the problem persists. Could you please enlighten me?

    Thanks heaps

    • Hi there.
      A couple of things could make this happen. If the Account Name column is blank it uses the Given Name + . + Surname as a replacement. Your sheet seems to think the account name column is blank. Is it possible that the Account Name column has been altered somehow as it is referenced by name? Can you verify that a fresh copy of the generator on your machine uses the column correctly without any edits (with the test data).

      If you are still having problems, drop me a line at info at and attach the problem sheet.

      Speak soon,


  34. Paul,

    How many Payees does this software handle?

    We are looking between 120-150 lines of payees

  35. Please call me to discuss the excel to aba generator

  36. I have downloaded the trial version but when I click on “Generate ABA File” nothing happens. I have checked that Design Mode is off.

    I’m getting a white cross when I hover over the “Generate” box but nothing happens

    • A white cross (which is the default cursor in Excel), would suggest that it doesn’t think there is an active macro button there. Can you just check that Macros are enabled (you should see a yellow banner across the top of the sheet. Other things to check are when opening the zip file, make sure you extract the file to your local disk before running it (opening it from inside the zip will open it in read-only mode).

      Let me know how you go


    • A number of people have experienced a similar issue that is actually related to an update from Microsoft.
      After a recent windows update it β€˜broke’ some functionality in Excel.

      Microsoft have published a fix-it tool which has been shown to fix this issue with Excel

      For more information, go here

      The automated tool is downloaded from

      In essence the tool performs these actions if you are comfortable to do them yourself

      Delete the following temporary files for each user having the issue

      I hope this gets you going again.



  37. Hi. I just purchased the programme. I tried uploading an ABA file to ANZ, but it just replies that “The file you have selected is not a valid .ABA file”. Note sure why not. I had to include an ‘ before the BSBs starting with zero or else they end up as 5 digits. Is that the problem?

    • For anyone reading this, Grahams fix was to include the balancing line and change the suffix in the filename from .txt to .aba

      Thnx Graham,



  38. Hi Paul,

    I have purchased the tool and it has been working excellent until I recently upgraded our net drive. The button on the tool seems to be disabled by Excel. Each time when I click it no action would respond. I got a feeling it may be due to the contents were disabled for security reasons. Do you know how to enable it?

    Thanks for your assistance in advance.
    Bo Su

    • Hi Bo,

      Its possibly unrelated to the net drive unless you have a yellow bar across the top of the grid in excel saying its not a trusted document.

      A number of people have experienced a similar issue that is actually related to an update from Microsoft.
      After a recent windows update it β€˜broke’ some functionality in Excel.

      Microsoft have published a fix-it tool which has been shown to fix this issue with Excel

      For more information, go here

      The automated tool is downloaded from

      In essence the tool performs these actions if you are comfortable to do them yourself

      Delete the following temporary files for each user having the issue

      I hope this gets you going again.



  39. Hi Paul,

    The problem has been resolved after installing the tool, fantastic! Thanks very much for your help. You have been right on point.

    Now I don’t have to manual do the transfers anymore.
    Have a nice day.

  40. Hi Paul,
    We have a list of direct debits on a csv file need to be converted to aba file to upload to our bank. I used Cemtexaba and spent $25 for one conversion. And it didn’t work properly. I briefly read the previous posts and thinking of buying the program for future conversion. Is the full version of this program can be used as many times as we want? Do you suggest we could use a free trial version to test before commit to buy the full version? Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    • Hi Ivy and welcome!

      This ABA generator has no restrictions on the number of uses, no subscription or licence fee. Please feel free to download the trial. The only difference between the trial and the full version is that the trial is limited to 3 transactions. This should allow you to make sure it works ok with your finance/banking portal. Of course if you have any other queries just let me know.

  41. Hello,

    I have downloaded the trial πŸ™‚

    We are looking for the ABA generator to create a direct debit file, rather than a direct credit. ie…code 50 placed against my account number 13 placed against each particular. Is this possible?
    Changed the “Entry Type” to debit, but didn’t seem to work.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi there Stacey. Thanks for getting in touch. The entry type has a formula to show what type the entry is. The current version simply uses negative numbers to define a debit rather than a credit. In the trial try just negating the amount. Hope this helps. Cheers, Paul

      • Thank you Paul. We are now ready to purchase the full version. what is the difference between the two?
        1.Unlimited Version
        2.OSX (Excel) Unlimited Version

        • Hi Stacey.
          OSX is for the Apple Mac operating systems (OSX or OS 10 as its called). The only difference is the way it handles the creation of the file (because of the differences in the file systems).
          Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks


          • Hi Paul, the ABA file reflects GIVENNAME.SURNAME and the ACCOUNTNAME doesn’t seem to transfer over. How can we get it to reflect the ACCOUNT NAME.

            For a work around we are just going to insert the ACCOUNT NAME in the GIVEN NAME field

            fyi – thanks so much, it saves us alot of time πŸ™‚

            Thanks πŸ™‚

  42. Hi Paul,

    I am using Excel 2011 for Mac and have just downloaded the test version to my system. It asks me to enable macros but then proceeds to tell me that I can only open as read-only because ActiveX is not supported by Excel for Mac 2011.

    I extracted the ZIP file using the Mac Archive Utility software. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?


    • Hi Jamie. It’s possible you’ve only got the windows trial (, you should also have access to, which is the Mac version. Try downloading the trial again and if you still don’t see it, let me know. Hope that helps



      • Thanks Paul, working ok now.

        Can I confirm that the full version will format the zero (0) at the beginning of the BSB so that it won’t disappear from the com[leted .aba file?

        I also put the account name only and not the given name and surname. In the .aba file the name turned out blank. Is there a required method for getting the customer name onto the file?

        Thanks again for your help.

        • The ABA fields are fixed size so fields like BSB are always padded with leading zeros yes. I’ve sent you an email regarding the Account Name.

  43. I have used trial version it is working but some fields are miss place. I need bsb,account number , account name, amount and reference only. After removing the give name and lastname it is giving me error to generate the file. Kindly help me on this problem.

    • Starting from a fresh copy of the trial, the given name and lastname are used if the account name is blank. Don’t delete any columns, just clear any given name or last name cells and you should be good to go.

      Hope that helps,



  44. We are looking into a tool to convert excel to aba & interested in your product. But we need to make multiple payments out of various accounts into various accounts. Can you do this in one file, or are you restricted to have one file per bank account you are paying out of?

    Also, in our bank statement we need to see each payment line (not a batch total). So if we are paying 5 payments from one account, can we see on the bank statement we paid out of the 5 line entries? Is this a field on the aba you specify this?

    • I’m afraid the format of the ABA file is of a batch nature, you specify the payer account once per file and multiple lines per payee. It’s exactly what it was designed for but in your case not much use since the bank won’t be able to process the generated file. In theory I could write something which given the inputs you provide could generate multiple ABA records which your bank may allow you to upload in one go. However most bank portals I’ve seen only allow a single file selection. Let me know if this is something you’d like me to take a look at.

  45. Hi

    I have the Pro version of ABA generator. I want to use with BOQ, the file generated has a .txt extension but BOQ require a .ABA file extension. Can the ABA generator produce the file with the .ABA extension.

    • Hi Phil, the file extension really is arbitrary and some banks care and some don’t. When you press the Generate button the name of the file about to be saved appears, you should be able to change the extension to .aba or whatever you wish. Also you can rename existing generated files with no problem. The actual content is purely text and since no desktop application uses the .aba extension to open these files .txt was chosen as the default so it will open with Notepad (or which text editor you have on your system).


      • Hi Paul

        OK, I’ll try them with the .txt file and see if it accepts. Will be a pain to keep renaming the file (as have to save first then go and change extension) if they insist on the .aba extension.
        Cheers, Phil.

        • Hi Paul

          OK appears to be working. I turned on the extension viewing in Folder Options, so can easily change the extension.

          Also I deselected “Add self Balance Line” in ABAGenPro that’s what was causing the validation error on uploading.
          Cheers, Phil.

  46. Hi Paul
    ive been using cemtex but unhappy with support and issues I have
    im an tax accountant during busy tax season I may be required to do up to 100 refund transfers a day

    my staff may sometimes make mistakes on the amount that is required to be tt

    the cemtex is not bad but expensive but does not allow me to go back and refix mistakes
    and get recharged to do the run again

    we simply download our client list and details onto excel then convert to csv then import into cemtex to comvert

    do u have something that suits me please?
    Kenny Nham
    07 55749888

    • Hi Kenny, I recommend downloading the free trial (at the top of this page) and seeing if it meets your needs directly. Depending on the format of your data you shouldn’t need to do any CSV conversion, just copy/paste the date into this tool and hit the button to generate the ABA file directly. No need to send to a third-party and back again, and if you realise there was a typo etc just edit and recreate the file with the single button. It’s a single fee per computer with unlimited usage (though the trial will limit the output to only 3 records for testing)

      I hope that helps!


  47. Paul
    can I buy the full version
    can u take away colomns that I don’t use or need?
    as I tried to take coloms away fromt he trial version and it did not work

    • Hi Kenny, of course you can buy it, the link is at the top of this page πŸ˜‰

      Regarding the columns, they are all required to generate the ABA file, which columns do you want to get rid of?

  48. Hi the Columns we don’t need are
    account name
    entry type

    this will make our job so much easier..
    many thanks Paul

  49. Would you be able to confirm whether any similar file generations exist for international money transfers. We bank with CBA/Bankwest/STG and have some individuals that have foreign bank accounts.

  50. The ABA file format is generally used to process “batches” of transactions . If you have a payroll system, you can upload a “batch” of all your transactions to be processed in one hit.

  51. Hi,

    I am using Windows 10 with Microsoft Office (Excel) 2007. could I make the $69.99 Purchase Unlimited Version and do you think it would work successfully?

    I will give the free trial version a go, but just wanted to ask (thought that maybe the excel 2011 comments apply to Mac).


    • Hi Lyndon, you’re absolutely correct in that the Excel 2011 is referring to the Mac OSX version of the Office suite. The trial is virtually identical in operation (just a limited number of transactions that can be processed at a time) so feel free to have a play and make sure it’s what you’re looking for.

  52. Hi Paul,

    Glad to found your website. We are running a trial before purchasing the software. I’m trying to upload a .txt file generated by the trial version but the ANZ Bank would not load the file because it’s not .aba

    Will the full version generate the .aba file? Or do I have to change the file type everytime?

    kind regards,
    Melvin Leong

    • Hi Melvin, thanks for giving the trial a go. I’ve found it rare that bank portals care what the filename is, however when you hit the generate button you will get a chance to change the filename. Have you confirmed that it works ok with the different file extension? Some portals give a generic ‘not an ABA file’ if they can’t read the contents properly or if it requires a self-balancing line but didn’t have it checked (or vice-versa). To answer your query though, the full version is virtually identical in operation to the trial, just the number of lines that can be processed has the upper limit removed.

  53. Hi Paul
    I use Commonwealth Bank / Commbiz [Australia] to process our expenses / payroll. We are implmenting a subscriber system for monthy receipts. I have spoken with the bank regarding using the “ABA” system to direct debit client bank accounts for the signed up amounts. The CBA advised the this process can be done using the ABA format with a couple of slight changes that change the file from a debit transaction to a credit transaction.
    Can your system acommodate this process?

    • A few people have been using the ABA format ‘in-reverse’ by simply reversing the amounts in the sheet. (The type column should change automatically from debit to credit to show this). The account normally needs to be setup especially to accomodate crediting from multiple accounts but it sounds like you’ve already crossed that bridge. So yes, simply put the figure as a negative figure in the generator and you will create credit transactions.

      Hope that helps!
      Cheers, Paul

      • Thanks Paul. I note your comments regarding negative numbers, but I will experimant the APCA number change and the type change and see how we go.

  54. Hi Paul,
    I have downloaded the trial version and generated a file, but i am unable to change the save as type, when i go and change the name so it reads file.aba it still saves it as file.aba.txt and the bank (Bendigo Bank) gives me an error saying the file must have the file extension of “ABA”. Can you please advise a work around?

    • If you’re running on Windows and you can see the file extension you should be able to just right click the file in Windows Explorer and Rename, removing the .txt extension. Also in the β€˜Save As’ dialog from the tool you should be able to change that to β€˜All files’ which will stop it adding the .txt extension.

  55. Hi Paul,
    Does the ABA file generator work on excel in Office 365 Personal?

    • Hi, please download the free trial version to make sure it meets your requirements. This requires a desktop installation to run however and will not work on web based documents.

  56. The file extension is not important, it can be renamed to anything you like. The reason it defaults to .txt file is then there is an application everyone has that can open the file should you wish to view its contents. It is just a text file and as such can be opened by notepad. If it were named with the .ABA extension then you wouldn’t have an application with which to view and verify the file.

    If for some reason you do need it in a specific extension in windows explorer please make sure you have it configured to show file extensions before the rename or you may end up with a .aba.txt file.

    The versions are specific to the operating system since it interacts with the operating system and each method is different, the web site warns this version is for Windows only. We used to support a Mac (Excel 2013) version but there was no call for it so it was dropped. We shall send you a copy to try to your registered email address.

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