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Slow WebDAV on Windows 7

Now this may not just apply to Windows 7, it’s just where I’ve seen it occur most often.

A lot of applications including Sharepoint, offer WebDAV for browsing contents via a standard http/https point without the browser. It’s quite common when first using this method to encounter an apparently slow connection and this normally leads to all sorts of firewall checking and looking for issues with Sharepoint. First of all realise that if you can get in at all, regardless of how fast, it’s not a firewall issue. What’s likely the cause is actually Internet Explorer.

What?? A browser slowing down file explorer? Yes. Since WebDAV is a web based protocol (obviously). The OS uses the IE settings to see if proxys or specific connection settings need to be used. That’s fine, but it does this for every single file and every connection. Now, if you’ve got ‘automatically detect settings’ set in IE, it’s going to check that. A lot. Turn that setting off and now each connection will use your default network and be much, much quicker. Be explicit with IE, if you need to use a proxy, tell it. easy cash advance loans

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  1. Thanks, that fixed my slow WebDAV! can finally use it properly.

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