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Cumulative totals with CTE

Following on from this post, here is an alternative that uses a lot less grunt. (Using the same testtable)

;with cte (i,v,running_total) as
    select i,v,v from testtable where i = 1   // initialise the first entry

    union all

    select x.i, x.v, cte.running_total + x.v 
         from cte join testtable x on cte.i+1 = x.i
// now the cte is defined, lets use it
select * from cte
option (maxrecursion 0)

What you may notice from this is the number of reads required.
If we populate the table with 100,000 records, the original sub-query method performs 15 million reads! However, the CTE method comes back with just 1 Million. Impressive!

Its never that simple however, with only 1000 rows, the CTE performs 10,000 reads, but the subselect only 4000!!

Lets see this in a table

RowsCTESub select

So you can see, as usual with SQL, the answer to which method is best is… *it depends*

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