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Raid 1 recovery

Recently I had to ‘opportunity’ to try and recover a broken set of raid disks from a consumer NAS device (in this case a BlackArmor 420), both disks failed around the same time.. Sad face..   Since the RAID type was 1 this was a mirror and each disk ‘should’ have contained the same information.  The NAS was reporting 1 disk was non-existent and the other was in a failed state.

Pulling the drives into a bespoke linux desktop install showed that the first disk was indeed unrecoverable.  I/O errors meant the disk couldn’t even be probed.  The second disk however showed more promise.  Detected as /dev/sda it was screaming about fsck errors and read-only-ness but it knew something was there and best of all it was guessing it was part of a raid.

MDADM to the rescue.

apt-get install mdadm

Brought down the relevant raid tools required.

mdadm --auto-detect

This gave me a loopback device (logical volume) under /dev/mapper/vg0-lv0. So the next step was to mount that bad boy.

mount -t ext3 /dev/mapper/vg0-lv0 /mnt/recover

Bang!  ls /mnt/recover showed me files, glorious files!   A quick cp script and I was getting those files off that drive asap!!

Let me know if this helps anyone out there

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