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Cloud based monitoring gains new ground

There are a large number of cloud based monitoring startups entering the market recently and after analysing the features and operating methods a common theme appears. All bar one require that the user has intimate working knowledge of what to look for. A buffet of possible tests and checks are offered, yet the user ultimately…

Point-in-time SQL Server recovery

Assuming the backups are from a Full backup set with a set of transaction logs RESTORE DATABASE NewDatabase FROM DISK = ‘F: \BackupFiles\OldFullBackup.bak’ WITH MOVE ‘OldfullDB’ TO ‘C:\DataFiles\TmpDatabase.mdf’, MOVE ‘OldfullDB_log’ TO ‘C:\DataFiles\TmpDatabase_Log.ldf’, NORECOVERY Remember, NORECOVERY means, noone can connect yet (A VERY GOOD THING)! Now, onto the transaction logs For each one, in chronological order…

ABA file generator, for Payroll etc

A worksheet that you can paste into to generates a text file for you to upload to the bank.. Simple There is no time limit, no restriction on usage and does not require licence codes or extra files. Trial version is limited to a small number of payees (3) but is otherwise fully functional More…

Restore a Bare Metal backup to a Hyper-V VM

Recently I had the need to recover an old backup where the original hardware was long since gone. Using Hyper-V I booted off the recovery disk and pointed at the bare metal set and went off for a very long walk as the restore did it’s thing. After rebooting into the restored disk I was…

Need to get a client onto WSUS quickly?

The command : wuauclt /resetauthorization /detectnow   Should get things going. Run it on the client, and this assumes the GPO is set up correctly (gpupdate /force may be needed) Casino en Ligne

SharePoint Designer

If you have trouble connecting to a new site, check you are connecting via a URL that Sharepoint knows about. Connecting via IP or alternate DNS record will only work if the “Alternate Access Paths” are set in the Web Application settings Игровые автоматы 777 всегда остаются самыми востребованными и огромное количество онлайн-слотов и специальных…

Run as a different user (for x-domain)

Runas /user:<domain>\<user> /netonly “command.exe” (net only is vital if there is no trust relationship between the two networks) Or use the shell extension provided by SysInternals for interactive authentication cheap essay writing service

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